Garden Update 3

Hoo, buddy. Our garden is definitely growing. Thanks, summer!

Our cucumbers are flowering! And taking over, as cucumbers do. Yay!
Peppers are lookin’ mighty fine so far!
Well, I thought this came out better, but that’s a red hot pepper at the bottom. Woo!
Go, okra go! (Or should I say, grow, okra, grow? I’ll show myself out.)
Ah, the squash. They are taking over the third bed, so we’re training them vertically. They seem to grow a foot every time I check them.
Squash blossoms everywhere!
There’s a bee in this one!
And a fruit on this one. Yayyyyy!
We are (im)patiently waiting for these guys. We can’t do all fried green tomatoes, now can we?
Like, really impatiently waiting. Beautiful.

That’s all for now, folks – stay tuned for the harvests!

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