A Handful of Vegetarian Mains

I had grand plans of creating and posting new vegetarian recipes for the season. And then I realized that almost every recipe on this site is vegetarian, or can easily be made as such. Also, we pretty much cycle through these same basic recipes over and over here (other than playing with our new Vegan Meat cookbook recently, which has been some seriously fun umami witchcraft! More on than in another post, perhaps).

So, while I have a main listing of recipes under my Recipes tab, which includes other items like breads and the like, here’s a list of vegetarian and pescatarian main dishes that “go beyond cheese pizza,” many of which can be made vegan, as well. Enjoy!

Soups and Stews


Rice and Grain Dishes

Egg Dishes

Plant-Based Proteins

Big Veggie Mains (or Big Big Sides)

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