2021 Holiday Menu and Ordering Info

It’s that time of year again – time for news and info about holiday treat orders. Yay!

There is a special holiday treat menu for 2021, with cookies, treat boxes, scones, and other tasty things made especially for you and your holiday guests, including gluten-free items. You can order cookies by the dozen, scones by the batch (sets of 8), and even curated cookie and treat boxes based on your preferences (and even mine): Holiday Season Menu 2021!

I will be doing the Weaverville Winter/Holiday Market this year on the following dates: Nov. 3, Nov. 17, Nov. 24, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, Dec. 15, and Dec. 22. I will have holiday goodies for sale, including some of the cookies and treats on my holiday menu. Like last year, I’ll also be arranging pickup for holiday orders at this special market.

How do I place an order for holiday treats?

You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Fill out the Google Form here, using the Holiday Season Menu 2021 as a guide. I will send a confirmation email and any follow-up questions about your order within 24 hours, as well as payment information and specific pickup/delivery information. You can pay via credit card over Square or PayPal.
  2. Send me an email (thecrunchybaker @ gmail.com, without the spaces) with your order, using the Holiday Season Menu 2021 as a guide, if the above options don’t work. Be sure to include desired delivery/pickup options. I will send an confirmation email within 24 hours with any follow-up questions and information, as well as payment options.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

Please place orders at least 5 days in advance for pickup and delivery orders, including small bread orders for pickup at market. All orders should be placed by December 16 to guarantee goods by December 22, the last day I can fulfill holiday orders. Orders placed fewer than 5 days in advance cannot be guaranteed by the desired date. I am one humble baker doing all of the planning, buying, baking, and housekeeping for my business, so I greatly appreciate your patience!

What payments do you accept for special orders?

I accept credit card payments through Square, as well as electronic payments through PayPal. Special orders must be paid in advance. Prices on the menu do not include tax or electronic payment fees, but your final invoice will reflect these fees.

How can I get these delicious baked goods?

You can get your holiday treat fix in one of many ways!

  1. Pickup at the Weaverville Holiday Market on one of the dates specified above. There is no fee for pickup for this option.
  2. Pickup in downtown Asheville on specified dates and times (usually Wednesday or Friday afternoons). $24 minimum order.
  3. Delivery to your home or other location within the great Asheville area. There is a delivery charge depending on your location, and $24 minimum order.

I want a cake/pastry/something not on the Holiday Menu. Can I still order that?

Yes! I specialize in many types of cakes, including roll cakes, pound cakes, and other cakes of many types and flavors. I also offer pastries and other small goodies by the dozen, as well as flavors not necessarily listed on the menu. If you’re thinking of a particular kind of cake or goodie, or you’ve had something at market that you must have again (Icelandic almond rolls, anyone?), just send me a message via email or the Google Form and we’ll figure something out!

I have a local, in-season focus, so summer flavors (e.g., strawberry or other summery fruits) would not be available except in jam form. I am also unable to do special orders for very small numbers of pastries or cookies (i.e., fewer than a dozen). I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

I don’t live in the beautiful Asheville area! Can I have baked goods shipped to me?

Yes! For the most part, however, I limit shipping to North Carolina residents, and there is a shipping charge based on location and amount of goods. Please fill out the original Google Form if you need shipping, and we’ll go over details via email. I will also only ship items that travel well (e.g., cookies and candies). I’m happy to answer any questions and make suggestions.

Email or message me with any questions you have. Let the holidays begin!

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