June 2021 Homestead Update

The pre-summer (okay, it’s essentially summer now, despite actual solstice dates) heat is making all the things grow around here, as well as making us sweat, so here’s an update on what’s coming up, both out of the ground and in the future!

Porch Herbs and Plants

Our herbs are doing beautifully! We have more than is pictured (including sage, thyme, mint, and oregano from years past that have faithfully returned), and are looking forward to fruits from the potted Cherokee purple tomato plant and potted (banana?) pepper plants within the next month or so. Also, the type of lettuce pictured is called Drunken Woman, and, besides having an amusing name, produces pretty tasty lettuce even through some of the summer temperatures, so we’ll be keeping to this variety for years to come, methinks.

Moon Garden

So the moon garden exploded even beyond what was pictured in the last update post! Lots of volunteer borage, along with North American bergamot and sweet-smelling flowering lavender that I planted last year. The bush is now over two feet tall, from my three-inch seedling, hooray! I’m hoping a similar thing happens with the rosemary seedling I planted earlier this year.

Pictured is the one rhubarb crown that decided to show its leaves, with the hope that the other will decide to come up sometime later. Crossing my fingers!

The Main Vegetable Bed

A smattering of pictures of various rows, from left to right, top to bottom: blossoming winter squash (specifically pictured is North Georgia Candy Roaster), cucumbers, okra, the first fruits of our zucchini plants (and geez, I hope we get inundated with the stuff this year), marigolds to keep the critters off of the peppers, our summer ground cover, and one of our few thriving sweet corn plants. Very excited and much more optimistic about our veggies this year, for sure.

Other Beds and Plantings

Get excited, y’all – our blackberries are so close to being ripe, which means all sorts of blackberry goodness in baked goods! Many of our fruit tree bare root plantings are also thriving this year, including the persimmon (?) pictured. (It’s either a pawpaw or persimmon sapling; their leaves looks verrrrry similar to this amateur botanist.)

We’ve also got asparagus getting crazy for its second year, which means we should get a good third-year haul for actual eating next year, yay! The eventual-strawberry bed, which is now full of peppers, kale, and tomatoes (leftover seedlings that didn’t fit in the large veggie bed) is doing fairly well in full sun, so we’ll keep an eye on that.


Our chickens are still enjoying their tractor in the meadow that is our yard! They all hope that Tendie is doing well in her new digs on our friends’ homestead. Oh, and they wish you all good tidings, as well.

Until next time, folks, happy homesteading!

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