Homestead Update

I’d say we’ve been twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the danger of frost to pass before we do our Big Summer Planting, but that would be a lie. We’ve been busy here on the Walbacz homestead regardless, and have plants and pictures to show for it!

First, let’s start with some of the non-pictured stuff. Keeping vegetable beds weed-free has been our bane this season, as the violets loooooove our tilled soil. Sigh. We’ve finally resigned ourselves to re-covering the beds with layers of grass clippings and mulch until it’s safe to plant in a week or so.

Secondly, we’ve been fighting the wasps and carpenter bees that insist on hanging out and building nests in our currently unoccupied chicken coop. I made a decoy nest a few weeks back that seems to be keeping most of the stingers at bay, at least on the inside, but I still have to do a near-daily check and spray (of orange oil and sometimes a vinegar mixture) to keep the buggers out. Fun times.

Finally unpictured, our feral feline friends have been leaving, errr, presents around the yard. And not the poop kind – the rabbit carcass kind. So, we’ve got rabbits hanging out, which is not cool, so while finding random limbs and furs in the beds isn’t the most welcome sight, it’s also good to know that the cats are keeping the population at bay, and will hopefully continue to do so as our plants come up.

Okay. Now. Speaking of plants coming up, here we go with pictures!

Because this is what our collards and other winter greens look like now – bolted to hell and providing blooms for pollinators. They look pretty, though!
Our most successful bare root pawpaw so far, located at the bottom of our big vegetable bed, with some lovely leaf sprouts and proto-branches. Yay!
Broccoli sprouting in our clayful soil. You can do it!

Next time, we’ll hopefully have a good deal of our summer crop seeds (and seedling starts) planted in the beds. We’re super excited to get this going and try some new plants and companion planting, especially Three Sisters (corn, beans, and squash) beds. Until then, folks, stay home, stay healthy, and stay crunchy!

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