Garden Update!

Greetings, friends!

It’s been quite the busy weekend, what with travel down the road and up a mountain for celebration of my younger brother’s wedding and birthday – congratulations to him and his wife! It’ll be another busy week ahead, what with catching up after said festivities and continuing to gather and process foods, as well as make room in our overfull freezer for winter peppers and other tasty things.

Although it’s supposed to be fall, the forecast shows no signs of cooling down anytime in the near future here, which is genuinely upsetting to me for multiple reasons. One, I love fall – it is the best season, no arguments accepted. Two, climate change, y’all, lest ye forget. Not cool (literally). It does mean, however, that the growing and harvesting season is still upon us, with peppers, okra, and other tasty garden goods abound! Have some pictures as proof:

And, of course, a veritable okra forest.

In other unpictured news, one of our broccoli plants is beginning to actually grow florets. Also unpictured is yesterday’s mow between the rows – the crazy grass taking over in the pictures of the brassicas above has now been tamed, in case you were worried.

Until Thursday, folks, happy homesteading!

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