Garden Update

Hello, friends! I’ve been busy for the past few days with traveling, spending a rather stormy (but lovely) weekend at the beach with friends, and getting a car battery replaced right at the time I meant to leave to return to my mountain home. Whee.

But now I’m back, and it’s time for a garden update! I’m working on writing several longer future posts, so today’s post is picture-heavy for your visual enjoyment (and my documentation of the State of the Garden).

We, unfortunately, had a bout with (and are still fighting, to an extent) powdery mildew on our squash plants, so they’ve been greatly reduced, leaf-wise. However, what’s left is producing quite well, so there’s that.

Not pictured but also growing as seedlings are collards, parsnips, and kale. No sign of bunching onions, alas.

Until next time, friends, happy gardening and homesteading!

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