Garden Update!

What do you do when your garden is producing wayyyy more than you expected, and the weather’s beautiful for the weekend? Plant more seeds, that’s what!

We spent the past weekend prepping and planting fall and winter crops in the “new” beds below the current summer beds (I say “new” because these have been tilled for weeks, thanks to a homesteading friend of ours with a rototiller!). And for our purposes and your entertainment, I figured you might want to know what we hope to have in store for the cooler seasons:

  • mustard greens
  • collards
  • bunching onions
  • kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • good ol’ green cabbage
  • parsnips

On a side note, I’ll say that tending to our yard/mini-farm makes me have a bigger appreciation for the different seasons. While the summer months are great for getting outside, moving, and eating tons of fresh and tasty produce, they’re also super busy months of prepping that produce, stressing a bit about what, exactly, to do with all of that produce (pickles, for starters), and mowing our huge lawn in the interval between leaving a lot of open space and getting more of it prepped for planting. (We’re not huge fans of lawns, for many reasons. I’ll write about that in another post.) I’ll continue to enjoy the bounty of our garden, but I’m also looking forward to the cooler, calmer seasons of prepping, repairing, and planning for the future.

I’ll keep you updated on the (hopeful) sprouts for Garden Beds, Round 2: Electric Boogaloo!

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