Sunday Garden Update

It’s Sunday, so it’s time again for another rendition of…

Garden. Update.

Remember our seeds? And seedlings? And little plants from last time? Summer does pretty amazing things, what with the sun and the rain and the sun and the more rain. So, here’s a simple update featuring pictures from our garden beds!

Remember our cute little cucumbers? Yeah, it’s a forest now.
First big one, almost ready to go!
Borage is beautiful.
Beets are beets.
Squash forest! I have had to do some seriously creative wrapping with these buggers.
Cherokee Purples getting ready to ripen!
Bananananananananana peppers!
Thai chilis! It’s a pretty neat plant.
Oh okra, you beautiful beast – I see you with your sprouts.
Okra and daikon playing together.
So these are Tiny Tim tomatoes that I really didn’t think were going to survive after transplanting. Fast forward one month, and they have their first tiny fruits! Thanks, soil.
Beautiful, buxom bell peppers.
What’s that? You want more bell peppers? Here.
Tomatillos are looking lovely!
This pumpkin, y’all. This is going to be insane come October.

Until next update, enjoy!

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