Progress! Yay!

A short post, but a happy one – we have sprouts and herb progress, which is pretty swell.

It was an INSANELY rainy weekend here – we spent it outdoors at a music and arts festival nearby, and the grounds turned to literal swampland in the most trafficked areas. I’m talking knee-deep shoe-sucking mud, the kind you could lose a small child wading through. So, I spent most of the weekend barefoot, which is my favorite way to be. And at least it wasn’t cold. Sometimes, it’s fun to be filthy.

I digress, somewhat. The rains also brought forth sprouts in our garden beds, huzzah! Have some pictures, why don’tcha:

A bit of a faraway look at cucumber, lettuce, and arugula sprouts.
A bit of a closer look, with (I believe) some okra sprouts in between.
A sprout from Zev’s squash seeds that Danny got from (surprise) Zev Friedman. Hoping to pass on the seed love once they’re fully grown! You also get a good look at our kind of crappy clay-rich soil.

In addition, the porch herbs loved the rain. It may be pesto time in this house.

One can never have enough basil, and the basil is loving the sun and rain.
The lettuces are pretty exciting to me, mostly because it’s the first thing I’ve grown from seed to edible plant. Yay! Onwards and upwards!
Mint juleps, anyone? Pineapple and chocolate mint are happy.
The cat will be happy with a new catnip plant that’s already twice as big as when I got it.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, future updates will show bigger versions of everything here, and more. Until then, plant some stuff!

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